Company Profile

Guangzhou NPP Power Co., Ltd. is a specialized lead-acid battery manufacturer with three permanent factories located in Guangdong, Hunan, and Henan, each of which occupies over four hundred acres. NPP produces an entire series of sealed lead-acid batteries, including general type, deep-cycle type, get type, etc. Our total investments add up to more than fifty-million dollars.

NPP focuses on quality control for our products, conducting strict product control every step of the manufacturing process. To ensure further quality control of our products, NPP has acquired an assortment of certifications from a multitude of associations.

NPP is aware of our social responsibility, particularly in regards to environmental protection, energy conservation, emission reduction, and waste reduction, and, from day one, we began to strive to uphold our environmental stewardship of developing sustainability and eco-friendliness.

NPP strives for the ultimate customer experience, pushing forward to achieve technical innovation, flawless quality control, and the ability to satisfy international diverse demands.